Canon & Apple Partnership

Rumors are popping up all over the Internet about an Apple/ Canon collaboration.


It’s a natural partnership as Apple has a long tradition of high quality photo & video software in the form of Apature, Final Cut, and iMovie. With a new version of Final Cut due this Spring, there’s a good chance that Canon could provide some interesting integrated hardware.

iPhone & iPad

The single greatest deficiency of mobile devices are their camera lenses.

Up until now, mobile device makers could just bump up the quality of the image sensor in the camera to show incremental improvement in photo quality.

Last generation was 4 megapixels? Well this phone has a 5 megapixels camera in it. We have pretty much hit the point where that doesn’t help much anymore. The device makers already added flashes. There is better camera software available in Android and iPhone app markets, so the only thing left to improve are the lenses.


If you aren’t a photographer you might not realize how important and expensive good lenses are. In short, great lenses are essential for high quality photos.

The problem that device makers have with adding high quality lenses to phones is that those lenses range in size from large to gigantic.

My speculation is that the Canon/ Apple partnership will extend past Apple’s software, and that we will see some sort of Canon lens configuration built-in, or as an accessory to the iPhone & iPad.

Mobile cameras are fast approaching a barrier that can only be overcome with better lenses. Canon will be Apple’s answer to the problem.

Check out some fine lens and shutter work at JerseyStyle Photography & My Digital Mind.

(Via AppleInsider)

Your thoughts?

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