Ever have a couple of days where it seems like every item you possess is breaking?

In the last two days I’m down:

  • Two dress shirts
  • Guitar tuner
  • Printer
  • Light bulb
  • Kitchen glass
  • And my beloved Droid phone

With the exception of the glass, nothing on this list broke due to misuse.

For a guy who is meticulous, buys quality items so they last, and hates shopping this is pretty damn irritating.

None of it is the end of the world, but switching back to a flip phone from 2007 comes with a noticeable sense of loss.

I’m going to bed before something else breaks.

3 thoughts on “Droidless

  1. Maybe you’re a wizard! Wizards have tons of problems dealing with technology, according to Jim Butcher.

    Seriously, that sucks. Can you get a replacement Droid from Verizon?

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