Must Use App: Dropbox

Dropbox is a file sharing application that works on Mac, PC, iPhone & Android. It allows you to store files locally on your computer, while simultaneously backing it up to a cloud server and sharing the files between all of your other devices.

If you use more than one computer like me, this is a must use application. If you have more than one computer, all of the files in your Dropbox are easily accessible on all of your computers.

It’s also great because you can access those files by signing into the Dropbox website, so you can access your files from someone else’s machine.

It’s also an easy method for swapping large files with friends, family, coworkers, and clients.

Give it a try, and please use my link. If you sign up via my link, I will receive an extra 250mb of free storage (I don’t place adds, and I don’t ask for much, so please forgive me being a bit of a whore in this instance).

Sign up for Dropbox

3 thoughts on “Must Use App: Dropbox

  1. Although I do agree with David and use this app quite religiously, he did leave out one huge flaw. If you work in any kind of industry that abides to any type of security standards, using this program will breach pretty much all of ’em. This is especially true in the finance industry. Whereas people believe using dropbox is like emailing a file to yourself, its not – it places the file in an unencrypted area on another company’s property. Email keeps it internal. Just a warning. For personal use – this is awesome… although Amazon just released the exact same thing today and theirs offers free music storage in addition to 2gigs of storage….

  2. I use Dropbox just for backup. Although backing up with DB is manual, I still think DB is better than those free automatic ones. Just to be secure as Jason has mentioned, I don’t use it for file sharing.

  3. Thanks Jason, you raise a very good point.

    As far as Amazon’s storage system is concerned I’m going to wait a bit before relying on it. I don’t like using brand new back up systems. I don’t want to have to deal with early version problems.

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