Simple & Necessary Adobe Flash Maintenance

If you don’t take care of your Adobe Flash Player it will cause you a lot fo trouble.

Flash will crash, sap your resources, and it can be exploited by viruses.

Update Flash

That’s why you need update Flash periodically. The updates improve the software’s efficiency, resolves bugs and plugs security holes.

Download the Latest Version of Flash

Delete Flash Cookies

It’s a little known fact, but Flash makes cookies, and they are not the kind that appear in your Cookies folder. They aren’t easy to find or delete unless you know where to look… Then it’s easy.

Go to:

You will see this box

Wait a bit until the box populates with all of the cookies; it will take longer than you expect.

Finally click, “Delete all sites.”

You don’t have to delete the cookies, but you should know that there are there, and they are a record of your activity.

Practice safe computing.

Your thoughts?

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