The Fake Apple Rumor Mill

Apple’s Gestapo works hard to prevent information leaks, but every once in a while a real product shot circles around the interwebs. However more often the blurry distorted “leaked” images are fake.

Most of the time the fake images are obviously forgeries. Today’s iPod nano leaked image is one example.

This image looks nothing like the direction that Apple has moved in their product designs. The bold color and lack of a clip (a key feature for this product), make it extremely unlikely that this is real. Yet, the tech press published it all over the place. My RSS feed was full of “Leaked Nano” stories all day.

The traffic increase on Apple leaks must be huge for everyone to forgo logic and publish this garbage.

That being said, readers are smart enough to know BS when they see it.

MacRumors article rating

If you’re going to post fake Apple products, they should at least look good:

Check out the iProbe!

(Introducing the iProbe)

(Source: MacRumors)

Your thoughts?

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