Find a Stolen Camera

A number of my readers are great photographers. I love viewing their work, so I’d hate to see their camera’s stolen.

Stolen Camera Finder allows you to drag and drop a photo into their site; then it yanks the hidden EXIF data that every digital camera attaches to a photo (make, model, date, serial number); finally it searches the web for other photos that have matching EXIF data.

If your camera thief publicly posts photos taken with your camera, you can hunt the bastard down.

(Stolen Camera Finder)

(Via BoingBoing)

4 thoughts on “Find a Stolen Camera

  1. Very interesting site. A lot of people will “Save for web” though, and camera data is lost :( I could see this coming in handy though!

  2. A fair point, and there are a number of other ways to remove EXIF data. Hopefully your average camera thief isn’t bright enough to hide their tracks.

    And, you’re welcome for the link.

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