How to Use Online Deals Sites with Discipline

If you pay attention, you can get some pretty sweet deals online.

Deals Sites

Woot – One day sales of a single item

Deals.Woot – Discounts on all manner of items

Groupon – The ever-expanding local deals behemoth

SlickDeals – A listing of mostly tech and other items that appeal to geeks at obscenely low prices

Gizmodo “Best Deals of the Day” (Link changes daily) – Gizmodo’s daily tech deals list.

The Problem With Deals

Deals are great if you handle them with discipline. If you can’t say no to a deal, they can cause you to hemorrhage money on shit you don’t need.

Deals with Discipline

The way I approach deals is simple. I have a list of no more than three items that I can buy from a deals site.

My list at the moment includes:

  • Condenser microphone
  • Solid State Hard Drive
  • Light-weight Laptop (to install Linux)

All other deals get passed up. This keeps me from buying crap I don’t need in a moment of weakness at 2AM.

Your thoughts?

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