Introducing The Geek Whisperer Shop


I love writing this blog, and from what I can tell a fair amount of folks enjoy reading it.

Keeping the blog going, costs some cash, and a ton of time. I’ve been looking for ways to offset those costs, and give people a useful way to support my efforts.

I don’t want to advertise because it harms from the blog’s design, and reader-experience.

My solution is a store.

Why a Store?

Anyone who has read TGW for a while knows that I often recommend music, gadgets, movies and games.

I only review products after spending a considerable amount of time with them.

The store is an extension of that mindset. If I give something a positive review, it will go in the store.


The Geek Whisperer Store is built in partnership with When you buy from me, you are buying from Amazon, at Amazon prices. I then get a cut of the sale.

Let me repeat: When you buy from The Geek Whisperer Shop, you pay the same price that you would on

Why Buy From Me?

This blog is a labor of love. I have published over 900 posts in less than three years. I spend hours every day researching, pondering, and writing to keep the blog going.

I write because I’m passionate about it. Even if I never make a dime, I will keep on doing it…

That being said, I wouldn’t mind making a bit of money.

When you buy from The Geek Whisperer Shop, you aren’t losing anything, but I will deeply appreciate your support.

A Work in Progress

The Geek Whisperer Shop is in beta at the moment.

I will continue to add products, and tweak it as time goes on. My hope is that it will become your go-to shop for finding the best laptops and gadgetry, as well as interesting books, movies and music.

I welcome your input on the experience, and product selection.

Where Can I Access This Shop?

You may find a link the top right corner of the page.

Or you can use the link at the bottom of this post.

I thank you for your continued support, and I hope you enjoy the shop.


The Geek Whisperer Shop

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