I’ve Got Google+ Invites (Updated)

Thanks to Lynette Young I have access to the Google+ Beta. If anyone wants an invite, let me know.

Update (8:45 am): It seems I spoke too soon. Google has shut down the invite system for a while, due to “insane demand.”

Leave me a comment, and I will send you an invite when the system is back up.

18 thoughts on “I’ve Got Google+ Invites (Updated)

  1. If the grace us with a reenabling of the invites, I would absolutely love one. Love the name of your blog btw! Can’t wait to give it a more thorough read through!

  2. Yes please…. Do you think they are trying to create more interest this way? Kinda like letting a line form outside the club even when it is empty inside?

    1. @Luca – I do believe they are. The very idea that they are growing too quickly is a story. So they get another news cycle’s worth of coverage. Plus they get more news coverage when they open it back up again.

      On top of all of that, there are tons of new users waiting for their invites.

  3. hmmm, the buzz is working.
    I wasn’t interested in “another” social networking site.
    But I reckon it’s worth investigating myself if there’s a spare invite going :)
    the power of advertising :-)

  4. I just got my invite. It’s pretty cool so far. Better than Facebook. I think Google still hasn’t learned all its lessons from Wave and Buzz, though. With Wave, the invites were useless because none of the invitees’ contacts were on the service. So lots of would-be testers and early adopters just twiddled their thumbs. By the time the hype died down, Wave was a failure; no one knew what to do with it.

    Google should have given invites to one person and at least their first ten Gmail contacts. Don’t bother acting like you don’t have that info, Google. We all know you have that and loads more.

    Feel free to add me to one of your circles if you like!

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