Use a Profile Photo, You Aren’t Your Political Beliefs

Everyone knows someone like this…

  • All conversations lead to his / her politics
  • They hold an unyielding belief that the fate of all existence depends the next election
  • Their social media streams endless party-line anti-liberal or anti-conservative garbage
  • And their profile pic has become a political banner like this one…

Jackamo – Cross between a jackass and a moron (Urban Dictionary). It’s my new favorite word.

If this sounds like you, you have become your political beliefs, and this crap is annoying the people who care about you. The only people who like it are fellow joyless partisans who have helped you create an echo chamber of thoughtless, one-sided dribble.

This isn’t the person you actually are.

  • Turn off the cable news
  • Spend politics-free time with loved ones
  • Get a hobby
  • And use a real photo of yourself with either loved ones, or performing said hobby
I promise you that your life will improve, and suddenly the weight of the world will no longer depend on you fighting to win the next election for some myopic candidate who doesn’t care about you.

Your thoughts?

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