Life According to Disney

Disney classics are the kinds of films I watch and wonder why the hell we insist on using them to program children generation after generation.

It’s no wonder so many people have Prince Charming disease.

They should just lock the whole lot of them away in the Disney vault.

(Via The Society Pages)

2 thoughts on “Life According to Disney

  1. Good points. I’ve been saying this for years, especially what a terrible story the Little Mermaid is. It’s also interesting that every one of those princesses comes from a single-parent home.

  2. This is an interseting, and timely, post for someone like me that has a little girl that is enthralled with these movies. I’ve noticed this pattern as well, though she hasn’t.

    Interesting too what Jeremy notes about the single-parentness of the situations. Truth be told, though, often the families are in these situations because Mom has passed away, like in Ariel’s case (and Pinoccio’s for that matter.)

    On the flip side, Esquire magazine, in a recent article, asserts that John Lasseter is making Pixar movies that help boys become men:

    Worth the read.

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