Is a Vestigial Foot Nipple Obscene?

Since the Janet Jackson Super Bowl Half-Time Clothing Malfunction Extravaganza, I’ve tried to comprehend why a woman’s nipple is obscene. It just doesn’t make a drop of sense.

Men’s nipples aren’t obscene, and they aren’t so different in form that it makes sense to differentiate. The big difference is the breast itself, and we don’t seem to have much problem with women putting them on display.

The uproar occurs when a woman’s nipple is visible. The logic just doesn’t seem to hold water, but for argument’s sake, let’s assume that a woman’s nipple is obscene. What if a woman is displaying a vestigial nipple on say, her foot… Like this person (this is according to the very unfunny scientific journal Dermatology Online).

This woman really has an extra nipple on her foot, and apparently other people have extra nipple’s as well (Gizmodo).

Is displaying this nipple obscene?

Must this woman always wear footwear on the beach?

Or is this ok with the censors of the world?

It’s a nipple, and it’s on a woman, therefore it’s obscene according to the prevailing logic.

I’d say no, but the anti-boob crowd might disagree.

Obscenity is too murky to legislate. Anyone who feels that their personal preferences should be turned into law is a fool.

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