Stuxnet: A Weaponized Computer Virus

Stuxnet is a super-virus that debilitated Iranian nuclear enrichment by destroying their centrifuges. The virus accomplished this by making the centrifuges spin out of control while telling the monitoring systems that everything was functioning properly. It was genius, and it worked, but that’s just the middle of the story.

The beginning is a total mystery. We have no clue who actually made the Stuxnet. The US, Israel, China, Russia, a company, some other organization, or some combination of forces are all plausible as many groups have an interest in keeping Iran nuke-free.

The end of the story is unwritten. What will become of Stuxnet is anyone’s guess.

This short video by Patrick Clair brilliantly breaks down the most relevant information about the Stuxnet story.

Our media organizations and governments are freaking-out about hacktivists, leaked passwords, and web-vandalism, but I promise you that Stuxnet is far more interesting and dangerous.

Stuxnet accomplished a good thing in delaying Iranian nuclear enrichment, but I suspect that the longterm ramifications will be much more grey.

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