Bastion (Game Review) (Updated)

The plot

You’ve awoken to the end of the world. Something happened that wiped out nearly every person on this mystical planet swords, magic and guns.

Your character is the nameless, strong silent type, hacking and slashing his way through the wilderness while trying to reassemble a broken planet.

The good

Gorgeous art

Bastion is all style. The world is beautiful, and this game looks very unique. Another cool feature is that as you’re walking through the world, the world actually builds up around you block by block. It’s a neat effect, and it makes your presence in the game feel all the more important.

Live narration

In a first (as far as I know), Bastion has live in-game narration. That means that there is a voice telling the story of your adventure as you’re playing, and adapting based on exactly what you are doing in the game. The execution is superb, and I found the narrator’s voice quite soothing.

Spectacular soundtrack

The mostly guitar driven music is crazy good. The acoustic In Case of Trouble at the beginning of the game sets the mood magnificently.

Later in the game, there is a swampy electric guitar track named Spike in a Rail that added a lot to the beautiful environment.

If I could buy this soundtrack I would. (Update: It turns our you can buy the soundtrack)

Sense of humor

The narrator is funny, but what really made me laugh were the names of the enemies. A few that come to mind are windbags, scumbags and peckers.

Upgrade flexibility

A lot of RPGs don’t let you undo or change weapon and power upgrades once you make them. Bastion lets you freely adjust your upgrades without penalty. This is a little detail, but I appreciated it a ton.

The not-so-good

The story

At first the game feels very different, but once you settle into the world it becomes predictable. It’s not horrible, but I wasn’t particularly riveted by the end.

No boss battles

There weren’t any boss battles, and it would have benefitted from them greatly.

I found myself disappointed at the end of the game when there wasn’t something gigantic to smack around.

The ugly

Nothing to see here. Move along.

The bottom-line

It’s fun, innovative, and affordable; at $15.00 this game is a steal for 10 – 15 hours of gameplay.

If you can’t wait for Diablo III, this game can help you get your action RPG fix.

(Official Site)

Your thoughts?

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