My (D)evolving Relationship with Social Networks

Do you still use your social networks the way you did a year ago?

While chatting with my old friend Eliza on Gchat I realized just how lazy I’ve become about my social networking (not blogging).

I find myself unwilling to do anything on a social network that requires more effort than writing about 120 characters, pasting a link, or clicking some version of a like button. If it takes more effort than that the odds are that I’m not doing it.

I rarely post photos.

I won’t:

  • Play games
  • Like companies
  • Spam my friends to get free garbage
  • Use Facebook chat
  • Reply to “25 things you didn’t know about me”

I’m at a point where I do quick glances at my feeds for less than a minute. If nothing jumps out, I’m gone.

Maybe I’m a bit jaded. Maybe I’d just rather spend my Internet time reading or writing. I’m not sure. All I know is that my social media usage has been changing.

Am I alone in this, or has the social network lost its luster?

8 thoughts on “My (D)evolving Relationship with Social Networks

  1. My social media usage has absolutely evolved over the past year or two, but I would say I am more engaged now than I ever have been. I may not upload photos to Facebook with the same vigor as I did two years ago, or change my status on a regular basis, but my involvement with social media is more strategic. I guess I’m just being a smarter SM user.

  2. I have been similarly lazy in recent months, but it’s because I’m so darn busy doing networking and business emails. When I’m done with business I tend to shut the computer off and go watch netflix with my hubby instead of mess around on social networks.

  3. I see a lot of folks have cut back, and I don’t do anything too hard anymore either, but I do post links to youtube vids to promote my band, pictures of my artwork to promote my stuff, and I still communicate with relatives that live in other states as well as to groups of friends who are near and far. It’s pretty rare that i make new friends online, but I do get to know people that I don’t know very well, but see around regularly. I guess my (mostly Facebook) usage is perhaps less intense, but that is because I have figured out what it is useful for and what it isn’t. (I’ve never played the games, yuck.)

Your thoughts?

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