The Guild Season 5, Episode 1 Streaming Free!

You don’t watch The Guild? Give me three paragraphs to sell you.

The Guild is arguably the best, and absolutely the most important web series. It tells the story of a small group of people who regularly play World of Warcraft together; hijinks ensue. It’s groundbreaking, hilarious, quirky and delightfully geeky.

Co-creator & star Felicia Day will without a doubt be remembered in mass communication history as the Lucille Ball of web video because she figured out how to make a web series work. In the process she built an acting career for herself when Hollywood refused to let her play anything but the “quiet friend” or “cat lady.”

Felicia Day - legit geek, and iron-willed genius

Season 5 stated up last week, and you can find the first episode of the new season (alone with the previous four seasons) for free on I recommend starting with Season 1 because it’s free, and the episodes are short. This isn’t a big commitment, you aren’t watching Lost. You can watch the whole thing in a night if you want. It’s quick, funny and has a lot of heart.

WatchTheGuild damn it!


Your thoughts?

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