RoadID Wrist Measurement is Brilliant Web Design

My girlfriend Lindsay is a triathlete, and she loves the cycling portion of the event.

I’m not a worrier by any stretch of the imagination, but sometimes I do get nervous when she’s out on her daily ride. I trust her ability to ride… I don’t trust the drivers on the road.

To get some piece of mind I bought her a RoadID bracelet with her name, and my/ her family’s contact information should an emergency arise.

RoadID Website Wrist Measurement

While I was ordering the RoadID, I found that the company had a brilliantly simple way of taking wrist measurements:

All you have to do is wrap a dollar bill around your wrist, and you know what size to order.

This is a genius solution because everyone has a dollar lying around. It’s simple and very effective.

Whoever came up with this deserves a cookie.

Your thoughts?

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