Geek Events NYC

A lot of the biggest geek events are in California, but New York City has it’s fair share. Here are the biggies where you might bump into me.

Maker Faire – September 17 & 18

The event I’m most excited to attend.

It’s the worlds largest DIY festival, and that’s not what you think it is. We’re talking DIY robotics, gadgetry and all manner of crazy stuff on both the small, and very large scale.

I’ve only seen video of them, but I can’t wait to see a Maker Faire in person.

 Get your Maker Faire Tickets

New York Comic Con – October 13 – 16

The second largest comic con, next to San Diego (I think). I haven’t attended a comic convention in about five years, but I’ve decided to drop in on NYCC mostly to see how much larger these events have become since the last time I went to one. From what I understand these super cons are unfathomably massive.

Get NY Comic Con Tickets

Google Tech Talks (Recurring)

Google’s NYC office holds monthly tech talks hosted by Google Engineers. I went to one, and had a great time; learned a ton; and met many interesting people.

The only drawback to these is that getting a seat is difficult. The events are scheduled through The registration starts at unusual times, and there’s limited space.

If you can get in, it’s absolutely worth it.

Google Tech Talks (Meetup)

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