Thank You & Farewell Mr. Jobs

Every significant job I’ve ever had was needed because of something Steve Jobs created. The guy invented the personal computer as we know it. The same goes for the smart phone. He didn’t do either alone, but he was the man with the vision. He was one of those rare Nikola Tesla-like people who could see the future, and then make it (Unlike Tesla, he was really good at making money while creating amazing things).

I hadn’t thought about the fact that nearly every dollar I’ve earned, and most of my hobbies and interests exist because of Steve Jobs. I also hadn’t expected to be so upset when he died.

Steve was an uncompromising visionary who made amazing things a reality. He was the kind of man I could respect while disagreeing with him. Under his leadership Apple consistently set the bar for quality in technology & design.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how little time we have to make a real impact, and create amazing things. So much of my client work is unfulfilling because I’m doing work for people who don’t understand or care about technology. They have no concept about what is possible, and therefore have no desire to push the boundaries of possibility. They have the budgets, but they have don’t have the will. We live in incredible times, in large part because of the contributions of Steve Jobs. I have realized for a long time that I need to take control of my life’s work, and make great things, but seeing the headlines of Steve’s death have made me realize that tomorrow is not the day to take action. Time is too short.

Thank you for helping create that future Steve. Thank your for all of your ideas, your actions, your gadgets, your software and your uncompromising vision. You are immortalized in the technology that structures our lives, and our future.

(Images via gapingvoid & Oatmeal)

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