Good Riddance Kim Jong Il

There are more than a few utterly despicable tyrants who has spent time wandering this Earth. Most of them eventually have to suffer the wrath of those they have harmed. Sadly, Kim Jong Il was not one of them.

Kim was blessed with dominion over a hill no foreign leader cared enough to conquer, and he did such an exemplary job of keeping his people in the dark that the overwhelming majority of them have no idea what the world beyond their town looks like, let alone realize how obscenely oppressed they are. There is no better example of the dangers of excessive government than that of North Korea. It’s like the people of North Korea are living in the Matrix. They are slaves, and they don’t have any idea just how thoroughly they have been subjugated.

One day the people of North Korea will have to wake up, and I do not envy the pain and anger they will feel when they realize how extensively they have been harmed by their dictators. I have my doubts that Kim’s death will bring about that change, but I hope it comes sooner than later for them. No one deserves to live in mental and physical slavery.

Good riddance Kim. Even if your death doesn’t improve the lives of your people, the world is a better place without you in it.

Your thoughts?

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