Apple & Android Websites Not Mobile Optimized

This is just plain old weird. via a mobile browser:

Seriously? isn’t mobile optimized? The “design meets technology to form magical blah blah blah, and birthed the mobile web into existence,” company never bothered to optimize their own website?

Note to Apple fanboys & girls: That “apps downloaded” ticker doesn’t count as mobile optimized. It’s lazy, and ironically self-celebratory. via a mobile browser:

And Google isn’t off the hook on this either. “Mobile first,” Google never bothered to create a mobile-friendly version of their mobile operating system’s website? This is pathetic. via a mobile browser:

You already know where this is going…

I can’t even get annoyed by this because I would have been honestly surprised if RIM got something right in 2012.

Windows Phone 7’s website via a mobile browser:

Surprise! It is mobile optimized…

… But only if you’re viewing the website in landscape. Switch to portrait and it’s improperly formatted.

This is so very Microsoft.


It shouldn’t be too much to ask the companies leading the mobile revolution to properly optimize their websites’ for mobile. It’s not like they have a lack of capable design or development talent.

Your thoughts?

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