Hide Your YouTube Viewing History from Google

Google’s New Privacy Policy

Google’s new privacy policy is pissing a lot of folks off, and I’ve been asked by a few readers what I think about it. The simple answer is that as an Android user, I’ve been giving so much data to Google for the past three years that the new privacy policy doesn’t really change much for me on a practical level.

On a philosophical and political level, I’m deeply troubled. Philosophically, I think more privacy is the direction we should be moving. However, politically I don’t want to see that privacy come as a result of government regulation. As we have seen with copyright law, when governments get involved, things get ugly fast. Google’s actions here have captured the attention of government leaders in quite a few countries, and I guarantee it’s going to case problems down the line.¬†Ultimately the people who will suffer most from government internet regulation will be smaller website operators., not Google.

Killing YouTube Data Collection

All that being said, I have no problems sticking it to Google for grabbing at more data. Here’s a simple way to kill Google’s data collection on YouTube:

Courtesy of Lifehacker

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