The iPad 3 Arrived! Initial Reaction

It wasn’t supposed to show up at my doorstep for another few days, however my new iPad 3 arrived this morning. A few minutes after I got off a conference call there was a knock on the door, and poof… There went my day of productivity. Now I have to stay up late and work because of my lack of discipline.

Initial Reaction

  • The screen is magnificent. No joke. No exaggeration. This screen is insane. Especially for its size.
  • The heat isn’t a big deal. I spent some time playing Infinity Blade 2… for research… And the device warmed-up, but it never approached untouchable. It runs a lot cooler than my Gen 1 MacBook Air, but that thing could boil water.
  • The last time I had an iPad I only used it for reading, and giving sales pitches. I’m curious to see if I can find more use-cases for myself (other than playing Infinity Blade 2). Any suggestions?

2 thoughts on “The iPad 3 Arrived! Initial Reaction

  1. So you skipped the ipad2. I have the 2 and although the screen on the 3 is VG+, it doesn’t represent enough of a change to warrant the expense. I will wait for the REAL 3, due out end of summer, rumoured USB support

    1. I had an iPad 1 from the company I used to work for.

      I’d be very surprised if Apple releases another iPad this year. The iPad 3 is already leaps and bounds superior to the competition, there is no reason for Apple to release something better.

      All that being said, I wouldn’t have purchased the 3 if I had a 2.

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