Derek Trucks Then & Now

Derek Trucks (Eric Clapton, Allman Brothers Band, Derek Trucks Band, Tedeschi Trucks Band) is one of my favorite guitarists. I recently saw him perform at the Beacon Theater along with the rest of the Allman clan, and it was the most magical concert experience I’ve ever had. I couldn’t even bring myself to write about because I didn’t (and still don’t) have words for it.

I stumbled upon this video of a 13 year-old Trucks playing Duane Allman’s legendary slide guitar solo from Layla. Even at 13 the guy was unbelievable.

What’s so interesting is that his stoic and professional manner is completely unchanged.

Almost two decades later here he is alongside his wife and one of my favorite vocalists Susan Tedeschi performing another Derek & the Dominos song, Anyday.

Two of the most moving concerts I’ve ever had were seeing this Derek Trucks live. As great as he is on a record or YouTube, they really don’t capture the power of seeing him perform. Treat yourself next time he’s in town. I promise you won’t regret it.

2 thoughts on “Derek Trucks Then & Now

  1. Wow. Even knowing how good he is now it’s hard to believe that a 13-year-old could play like that. I love Derek Trucks but I haven’t seen him live yet. I hope he sticks with the Tedeschi Trucks Band for a while. That’s my favorite project of his.

    1. He really was incredible at 13. It seems like he was a novice for about five minutes.

      I’m hoping to catch the Tedeschi Trucks Band in September.

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