Google – Features As Easter Eggs

Am I the only person who feels like Google drops features into their application like they’re easter eggs?

I recently clicked this arrow in Gmail, and discovered an incredible feature that I don’t think they informed users of (could be wrong).

As it turns out, that’s where they hid the advanced search options. Spoiler Alert – They’re great!

When was this added? I have no idea. It could have been there since the New Gmail Beta, and I missed it.

They do seem to add and change functionality on the fly. I’m cool with it, but I’d like to know that these features exist.

Perhaps Google can put a “something new” call-out on the page, or just draw attention to some of the more obscure features.

Do you know any of Google’s hidden features?

2 thoughts on “Google – Features As Easter Eggs

  1. Someone I know that works for Google says it’s more informative for them when you find it on your own. Makes sense.

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