Duck Hunt – Ya Dun F*cked Up

At New York Comic Con I met pixel artist Adam “Squarepainter” Shub. He creates incredible 8 and 16 bit paintings inspired by classic video games.

I immediately knew I was going to commission something from him, but I had no idea what I wanted. I was paralyzed by options. After a couple very geeky conversations we settled on something inspired by Duck Hunt. What Adam made exceeded my expectations.

It’s equal parts geeky, funny, and crass, and this pleases me.

It’s hanging in my hall near my front door. Every time I see it, I smile.

Check out all of Adam’s paintings

2 thoughts on “Duck Hunt – Ya Dun F*cked Up

  1. A business card Coin Box… If only our office would decide to invest in a couple of them. I’m already envisaging a Mario-themed office space now. Wonderful work!

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