Free Comic Book Day 2012: Saturday, May 5

Free Comic Book Day is this Saturday, May 5 – The day after The Avengers hits theaters (probably not a coincidence).

Go on down to your local comic shop. They’ll have tons of free stuff, and great sales.

Personally, I’m going to pick up my copies of the Star Wars/ Serenity and Buffy/ The Guild (Don’t judge if you’ve never seen Buffy. That show is magnificent).


Check out a full listing of the free books.

2 thoughts on “Free Comic Book Day 2012: Saturday, May 5

  1. I am absolutely gutted that I’ll miss out on this! Hope you’re able to pick up those copies (I had to go and Google “Free Comic Book Day”) – there’s quite a lot of stuff there that’s worth a look. Graphic Elvis sounds hilarious!

    The Avengers has come out over here (or should I say, Avengers Assemble… No. Absolutely ridiculous name), and I can’t wait to see it after work tonight. It better not disappoint!

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