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Off Topic Post

My pilgrimage to SXSW gave me a greater clarity on life than I’ve ever had before. My focus is razor sharp, and I’m doing the best thinking and work of my life. Mostly, I’m enjoying everything along the way.

Part of what got me here was sitting down and actually writing down what I need to do on a daily basis to be happy. I literally wrote these words on a post-it that I keep by my bed, and read every morning as a reminder. They’ve evolved a bit, and will change in the future, however I want to share them.

Life is short, and can end without notice

  • Don’t do it tomorrow – Execution is everything

  • Be better than you were yesterday

  • Leave the world slightly better than you found it everyday

  • Play more guitar

  • Exercise – You hate it but it makes you feel good

  • Be around people who inspire you every single day

    • Tell them how you feel

Enjoy the process & live without regrets

Some of them I struggle with, but this stuff isn’t supposed to be easy.

Your thoughts?

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