Google, Please Make This UI Improvement

Dear Google,

As a user of many (but not all) Google Apps, I have a very important request.

Please give us users some control over the apps that are listed in the Google bar (I’m not sure what you’ve named it).

I’m an avid user of Google Reader; I consumer virtually all web content with it. With that in mind, I was pretty peeved when Reader was removed from the top bar. I get that many people don’t use it, but I do. A lot.

Here are some solutions that would make me very happy, and I’m betting would further endear you to many of your users.

Two Options to Fix The Problem

User Control

Give users control of all or some of the links in that bar.

It’s a simple thing to do, and that level of personalization would absolutely improve the Google user-experience.

Dynamic Generation

Google, I know that you know what Google Apps I’m using. You know that I know that.

Why not adjust that bar based on usage?

Either solution would make me a very happy geek.


The Geek Whisperer

Your thoughts?

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