An Interesting Month

Howdy friends and strangers.

Pardon the off-topic stream of consciousness. I promise it will be entertaining as I’ve had some of the most eventful few weeks of my life. And by eventful I mean messed up.

Moving Fail

On June 1st I moved to a new apartment because my old neighborhood went to hell. After moving most of my belongings into my new place I discovered that it came with some unexpected roommates… Bed Bugs!

Worst roommate ever.

The details of this story are best kept for another day. I’m in the process of finding a new apartment. In the meantime I’ve been bouncing around between my parent’s home, and my friends’ couches.

Losing My Grandfather

A few days after finding the bed bugs my grandfather suddenly passed away at age 90. I say “suddenly” because they guy was in great shape (for 90). He was still working, and my last conversation with him involved him bragging to a waitress that he didn’t need a cane to walk; that was the day before he died.

Losing him sucks, but he lived 90 great years, and he didn’t have a slow decline at the end. I’m trying to be happy for him because I’d be thrilled to live 90 (mostly) healthy years, and go without slowly succumbing to an incurable illness.

An Unexpected Head Trauma

Then yesterday I gave myself a moderate concussion while packing some of my grandfather’s belonging’s. Aside from the head injury I spent a lovely Father’s Day with my dad.

Business is Booming

While all of this has been going on I’ve had my busiest month of work ever. I’ve given up my short-lived Diablo III addiction, and I’ve been working an unbelievable amount of hours to keep up with the needs of the projects. All of the projects are invigorating, so I have no regrets about it… But it would be easier to keep up if the my personal/ family life would become slightly less interesting.

I’m a Lucky Guy

When things get ugly, you really discover who has your back. My friend’s and family have been wonderful. I don’t like leaning on people for support, but I’ve really needed it, and they’ve delivered. Big time.

Anyway… I guess what I’m saying is if my posting continues to be a bit spotty for a while… You’ll understand why.

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