“Speak, Friend, and Enter” – Door Mat

I moved. Again. Last time to escape a bad neighborhood that turned worse. This time because my now former landlords tried to rent me an apartment that was infested with bedbugs.

I’m now both bedbug and murderer free… It’s been a weird Summer.

Now that I’m moved into the new, new place I’ve had to completely refurnished (my furniture was bedbug collateral damage), but I kept a bit of the budget to add some new geekery to my humble abode.

Behold! My Lord of the Rings door mat.

I it found on Etsy, and it makes me smile every time I come home.

Creator DamnGoodDoormats was even kind enough to indulge my request of adding in the commas… Because while they aren’t there in Dwarfish, they are there in English and Elvish… And this kind of shit matters to me more than it should.

Anyway, DamnGoodDoormats makes lots of cool door mats, and is very responsive to unusual requests. You should check his stuff out.

Etsy – DamnGoodDoormats

9 thoughts on ““Speak, Friend, and Enter” – Door Mat

  1. I thought it was, “Speak “Friend,” and Enter,” because they have to say the Elvish word for “friend.”

    1. The riddle only works if this is ambiguous. The quotes give it away and the commas contradict the answer. The punctuation needs to go.

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