Let’s Finally Build Nikola Tesla a Museum

Matthew Inman of “The Oatmeal” fame discovered a superpower in June when he was very wrongly sued over calling out a website that was copying his work (Before & After). It turns out that he can bend the Internet to his will, and generate huge amounts of money for good causes (in addition to writing funny as hell comics).

Inman has decided to use these powers for good, having just launched an Indiegogo campaign to purchase Nikola Tesla’s old laboratory, known as the Wardenclyffe Tower, so it can be turned into a museum.

In the time it took me to donate $50 (which wasn’t long), the campaign raised over $1,000. In the time it took me to write this post, the campaign has picked up an additional $12,000.

You want to donate! Trust me.

This campaign is going to work, and it’s going to be one of those groundbreaking moments in history. This shit will be in history books a century from now. You want to be a part of it.

Plus… Tesla was the king of the alpha geeks and should have a damn museum. It’s a travesty that he doesn’t have one already… But I digress.

If that isn’t enough, there is another organization looking to buy the land so it can rip down the lab and put in… you guessed it… shopping!

If you already know how amazing Tesla was, go donate!

Don’t know how badass the man was? Read up! Then go donate. This is an easy decision.

Your thoughts?

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