KCI Airport – A Traveling Geek’s Delight

I’m flying home from Kansas City after spending New Years with a couple of friends who recently relocated to this bastion of BBQ. If you’ve never had “burnt ends,” you really oughta.

My flight home was delayed, and United emailed to inform me of said delay as I was walking into the airport. Fortunately this tiny airport has the one thing I care about .

Free wifi.

And not free wifi the way most airports and hotels do it. You know the type where they push you through some poorly designed login portal; bombard you with ads; make you agree to a whole bunch of unreasonable, obvious, and stupid things that you didn’t actually bother to read; all before the connection fails, or is so slow that you’d rather go to the overpriced gift shop, and buy a few post cards because mailing them is faster than email on their hobbled network.

Yeah, KCI didn’t have that problem.

KCI wifi

I turned on my computer. Clicked the little wifi button, selected “kci,” and went about my business. The delay was actually kind of pleasant.

KCI doesn’t have much in the way of food, drink, or shopping (as far as I could see), but it’s got it where it counts.

Also, foursquare gives you a badge for leaving Kansas… Which is funnier than any joke I could crack about happily leaving Kansas.

foursquare leaving kansas badge


Your thoughts?

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