Social Media Gurus & Value

For what it’s worth, this post gets funny later on.

I’m not, and have never been a fan of social media experts, gurus, ninjas, or whatever other pompous titles they use. From where I’m sitting, social media as it is used by most companies and individuals isn’t overwhelmingly complicated. The volume of free video, blog posts & infographic tutorials is staggering, and none of it is a substitute for just using the platforms on your own. If you’ve never actively used this stuff, you don’t understand it.

The two people who really taught me about social media were there at the beginning, well before it was “social media.” Their (and other early thinkers/doers) posts, actions and successes are the foundation on which all of these current “experts” have set up shop, reiterating the same messages in an endless loop. It’s worth noting that both of the people who taught me about social media have vast knowledge about the Internet and technology in general.

There are some good social media consultants out there, but they are very few and far between.

For my part, social media is not, and never has been a passion of mine. My love is for the Internet on which these platforms are built.

Anyway… All of this was spurred on by a hilarious video from the Onion with a mock social media guru speaking at in a TED-esque setting.

Onion Social Media Guru

“Social media eliminates the need to provide value to your clients.” This is depressingly spot-on for those of us who are trying to make things that do provide value, and have to watch in horror as money is flushed down the toilet that is the Facebook Fan Page.

(Via BoingBoing)

One thought on “Social Media Gurus & Value

  1. I weep because of this post…because it’s in recognition of something I’ve seen in action first hand.


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