My “Breaking Bad” Finale Predictions

I’m just assuming if you made it past the headline that you know what’s happened in “Breaking Bad” thus far. 

Here’s how I would end this monster of a series…


Hank’s about to get gunned down by some psychotic skinheads (I know that’s redundant).

Walt is going to be actually devastated. When he’s in his Heisenberg persona, he’s callous and evil. When he reverts back to Walt, he still has feelings for his family.

It’s cool because Dean Norris is busy being a badass villain in “Under the Dome.”


They’ve been setting up a car crash for Junior for a long damn time.

He’s going to get into a fatal car crash after learning his father’s dark secret.

This will crush what little is left of the White family.


Marie is going to recover from some kind of psychotic break after losing her husband. By the end of the show, she will have custody of Holly, Walt and Skylar’s daughter.


Skylar will avoid jail, but will suffer the cruelest fate of the show having lost everyone she cares about because of her complicity in her husband’s crimes.


Walt is going to avenge Hank and protect everyone he loves by killing Lydia, and then going after the skinheads.

He’s going to smoke the ricin cigarette while mowing down the neo-Nazi scum with that big belt-fed machine gun Scarface style (which they foreshadowed way back).

No one kills Walter White except for Walter Fucking White.


Jesse is redeemed. He’s relocated somewhere else, and emerged from this insanity as a changed man. He has become a high school chemistry teacher.

The series concludes with a shot of Jesse delivering the same lecture on “change” that Walt gave his class at the beginning of the series.

Mic drop.

Or… Maybe we’ll find out that New Mexico never existed, and they’ve all been dead the whole time.

4 thoughts on “My “Breaking Bad” Finale Predictions

  1. JANES DAD!:

    I thought of this prediction when I finished the first half of season 5 last March. I spent the whole summer saying it to everyone and how it is going to be the ending, they all laughed saying there’s no way it could happen and that it won’t make sense. As the second half of season 5 progressed over the past six weeks, I conceded defeat and admitted there’s not even a 1 % chance it will happen. But since last Sunday, my theory is starting to make a whole lot more sense again…… JANE’S DAD. The last we heard of him was that he was rushed to hospital with a self-inflicted gun wound, but it never confirmed that he died.

    Jesse now knows that Walt let Jane die. The conversation Walt had with Donald (Jane’s Dad) in the pub that time they briefly met was all about family – specifically the ”Love for them and how they both would do anything for their family” Starting to make sense now? Knowing Vince’s story line patterns, he created this specific dialogue for a reason and knows how to sway it altogether to create a finale NOBODY saw coming.

    Jesse will escape the lab by knocking Todd out the same way he knocked Krazy8 and his partner out back in the first season. He’ll escape into a familiar and secure location, but knowing that the Nazis will probably find him and that he has nothing to lose, he decides that he is just going to end it all with Walt, once and for all. Jesse is a moral guy deep down despite his failings, and doesn’t want Walt to get away with ‘any’ of his shortcomings. He believes in revenge, and the chance for someone to avenge. Therefore he will find Jane’s dad, who is still alive – possibly awaiting trial, on bail, or in a psychiatric unit. Just like Walt said to Hector Salamanco in Season 4 before he killed Gus, Jesse will say to Donald (Jane’s Dad) – ”I know you hate me, but I can think of someone who you will hate even more. I’m giving you a chance for revenge”.

    … Back to Walter for a bit. The Nazi’s will go in search of Walter to kill him (for some unfixable reason). They will storm the family home, killing Walt Jr and Skyler in the process. Hence why the house is destroyed. I’m presuming Holly will be in Marie’s care at the time and therefore live, Vince will surely not go that far. Walter finds out about his family dying, hence the machine gun in the car. He has a final stand – off with the Nazi’s, killing them all. His kingdom is restored, all HAIL THE KING HEISENBERG. And yup, Walt is ready to end it all by swallowing the ricin he took from the house in episode 9. Going out on his own terms, undefeated. But then in the very last twist….

    Jesse somehow traces Walt, and appears with Jane’s dad. Walt is all out of ammunition having used the whole machine gun taking out the Nazi’s. Presuming the nazi’s have killed him after taking him hostage, Walt is shocked to see Jesse standing face to face to him with a gun. Donald is staring Walt in the eyes with a gun also. Jesse begins taunting Walt, using Jane’s dad as his bait. Walt tries negotiating with Jesse, but there is no way out of this one…. BOOOM. Jesse kills Walt. Jane’s dad stands there not knowing what to do…. BOOM. Jesse kills Jane’s dad.

    JESSE IS NOW HEISENBERG. I don’t know what the very last scene will be, but I think it may be Jesse walking by the school where he was the Student and Walt was the teacher. He looks in the window and zooms in on a poster titled ‘Chemistry, the study of change’. ………….. End Credits.

    I could be totally wrong, but I could well be totally right.

    1. Personally, I’d be disappointed if they brought a one episode character back from out of nowhere to force a resolution.

      Breaking Bad has been excellent about keeping the number of characters in play at anytime very low, and doing extensive development on all of them. I think Donald served his purpose when he helped underscore that Walt’s relationship with Jesse was father-like, and then again when he caused the plane crash (upping Walt’s body count quite a bit).

  2. Yes but then why didn’t it just confirm on the radio that he died by the gunshot wound to the head, rather than being rushed to hospital? Something makes me feel Vince put that there for a reason….

    1. We’ll know soon enough.

      Either way, I’d prefer an ending that builds on the characters we know and love (or love to hate), rather than plot twists from out of nowhere.

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