Adam Sessler is More Interesting than Video Games

I’m not a video gamer anymore.

It’s a strange thing for me to say because I have been a lifelong gamer. Some of my earliest and fondest memories are of playing Nintendo. As a child I sucked at sports (to put it mildly), but video games were the one thing that I dominated. They were a critical part of my life.

The last two years I have spent far more time listening to Adam Sessler pontificate on video games than I have spent with a controller in my hand. The man is brilliant. His take on the video game industry as well as the culture that has emerged around it over the course of my life is more compelling than the time commitment required to play most games.

I eagerly await the weekly episodes of Sessler’s Something and Casual Friday on Rev3 Games, and watch them immediately (Address the Sess is too long).

At the same time, I have a stack of unplayed games dating back nearly two years. I have stopped buying games because as much as I think I want to play them, I don’t actually play them… Except for the few weeks I spent recovering from a horrible case of food-born illness this past Spring. I stopped playing games the week before South By South West 2012, and haven’t played much since. My Xbox 360 is a Netflix machine, and I never bothered unpacking my PS3 when I moved back in September. I don’t miss it. I have no plans to acquire a next gen system.

Unplayed Games
Conservatively this is 130 hours of games I haven’t played.

While this is not one of my finest posts, I needed to take a moment a reflect on both how much I have changed, and how incredible Adam Sessler is. If you find gaming interesting in any way, you should give him a listen.

One thought on “Adam Sessler is More Interesting than Video Games

  1. My 360 hasn’t even been hooked up for my own use since July. Liz has had it at her place pretty much since then because she uses it at work. I’d love to get around to playing Lego Marvel because both Lego and Marvel are things j enjoy, but adulthood sucks away the time one actually has to game . . .

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