Mediocre Creative Agencies

A funny thing about the creative agency business is that most of the industry suffers from the same internal problems. I’ve worked with more than a few agencies over the years, and had planned on writing a breakdown of the problems that they are plagued with, but Digiday nailed it.

I could not put this any better. It reads like a case study for the most rotten organizations that I have encountered. The tragedy of these organizations is that their management’s poor decisions don’t help anyone.

  • The clients suffer from mediocre work
  • The employees motivation and talent atrophies
  • The organizations slowly die, ultimately hurting the management who allowed the problem to fester

Entropy is inevitable. All systems are slowly breaking down. It takes courage to recognize it, and change the system.

Some local graffiti.
Some local graffiti.

Via Digiday:

  1. You won’t stop taking on shit work
  2. You don’t innovate, even though you say you do
  3. You keep hiring dead weight (and do nothing about it)
  4. You don’t stop taking on projects that can’t be delivered unless we work 12-hour days
  5. You don’t give staff any credit
  6. You don’t buy us decent equipment

Read the full, and brilliant piece.

tradition demotivator

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