Metallica Live From Antarctica (YouTube)

Metallica wanted to play a show on every continent… So they did it.

Metallica Freeze em All

They put on a free show for a few lucky contest winners, and a small hoard of research scientists. Now the video of the concert is freely available.

Set list & time

The music doesn’t start immediately.

  1. Creeping Death (11:05)
  2. For Whom the Bell Tolls (18:05)
  3. Sad But True (23:27)
  4. Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (28:40)
  5. Master of Puppets (36:30)
  6. One (44:50)
  7. Blackened (53:00)
  8. Nothing Else Matters (58:50)
  9. Enter Sandman (1:05:45)
  10. Seek & Destroy (1:12:20)

Pay attention to the B-roll footage; Antarctica is stunning.

Overall it’s a solid set, and a great selection of classic Metallica tunes (but you have to wonder why they didn’t play Trapped Under the Ice). Some of Kirk Hammett’s solos get a bit sloppy and usually at really key times, but James Hetfield is a force of nature on rhythm guitar. What he is able to do with his right hand is bonkers.

This is just really fun to watch.

Here’s hoping they play in space next.

(Via Guitar World)

4 thoughts on “Metallica Live From Antarctica (YouTube)

  1. “and a small hoard of research scientists….”


    Any idea what the connection was there? Aside from research scientists, of course, being some of the most head-banging, pit moshing crazies on the planet…

    1. I think it had more to do with Metallica than the audience. They wanted to play Antarctica, and their choice was to play to scientists or penguins.

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