New Facebook App “Paper” is Stunning

I don’t recall ever using the word “stunning” to describe a mobile app. Facebook’s new alternative app Paper is the first one that has left me stunned.

There are some magnificently designed apps out there (Clear comes to mind), but using Paper is the first time I have used an app and thought to myself, “it’s time to rethink the way you approach application interface design.”

Facebook Paper

It’s just pretty. Really pretty. And easy to used. And fun.

The only big flaw (barring some bugs that I am sure they will squish with updates) is that it makes feel ancient, stodgy and boring. Granted Facebook has never been a beauty, but the juxtaposition between and Paper is pretty shocking. I hope we can expect to see more of this kind of design work from them in the future.

For a company whose mobile application was the model for mediocrity a couple of years ago Facebook has done something special here. I strongly recommend you try it out if you have an iOS device.

Facebook Paper

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