Speaking at Design4Drupal Boston [2 August 2014]

Here’s some great news! My talk, “Amazing Design Through Empathy” has been accepted by the organizers of Design4Drupal Boston.

Design4Drupal Boston Logo

I will be delivering my talk as a representative of my employer Phase2 Technology (more on that in the future) on Saturday, August 2nd from 3:30 – 4:30.

Here be the description:

The difference between a good product and an amazing one boils down to one thing: Empathy. Developing an understanding of your users that is so deep that you can feel what they feel enables you to design products and experiences that will truly resonate with your users.

Through illustrative and entertaining examples, I will take you on a tour of the the highs that are achievable through empathic design, and some of the depths that designers sink to when they design without empathy. You’ll learn how to activate the empathy that is already within you, and how you can use that power to improve all aspects of your product design, from requirements gathering to user research, and everything in between.

PS: Good news! I will not be featuring any cliched examples. You will not hear me mention Apple or Jony Ive once during my presentation, because I have empathy for you.

(Spira – Design4Drupal Boston)

Get your ticket, and let me know if you’ll be out there. We can imbibe a beverage together.

Your thoughts?

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