Philanthropy, Money, and Buckets of Ice

I want to just clear something up now and for the future.


There are causes that I care a great deal about. I am knowledgeable about them. I advocate for them. I give what I can to them. I don’t make a lot of noise about it (unless I’m actively advocating about an issue).

I don’t make philanthropic decisions based on challenges or social pressure. I’m not judging if those things drive you, but they don’t do it for me. To know me well is to know that I am self-motivated, and do not care about social pressure.

I didn’t make an effort to conform to social pressure back when I was a kid, I sure as hell don’t plan to as an adult.


I give my money where I give it. Sometimes to groups, usually to individuals who are going through ugliness.

I like to give as much as I can to only one or two causes at a time so that I can give an amount that actually matters.

To whom I donate is between the recipient, myself, and the IRS.

Buckets of Ice

I’m not saying that the Ice Bucket Challenge is bad or that ALS is unworthy of donation. I’m saying that this phenomenon that we’re seeing is another Livestrong bracelets. It’s trendy. Livestrong bracelets were less about the cause, than they were about not having to explain to your friends why you didn’t wear one. Then the proliferation came… A bracelet in every color for every cause.

When Ice Bucket Challenge variants emerge (and they will), I will be just as uninterested in them; even if it’s for a cause I contribute to.

I don’t want or need social validation coupled with my good deeds. 

The Bottom-line

Whatever makes you donate money and time is fine by me. Just please don’t badger me.

If the Ice Bucket Challenge made you feel good, I suggest finding something you’re passionate about and doing what you can for that cause. It’s quite fulfilling.

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