SwiftKey: The Reason iOS8 is Exciting

Android’s Best App

The killer app on Android was the predictive keyboard, SwiftKey. A lack of SwiftKey on iOS was almost enough to keep me from jumping off of the Android bandwagon (but Android’s terrible carrier-driven software update process became too annoying).

Thankfully, with iOS8’s added support of third party keyboards, SwiftKey is no longer an Android exclusive.


SwiftKey is an alternative digital keyboard for your phone. It doesn’t look too special. It just happens to have a keyboard that is brilliantly designed for ease of use.

  • Punctuation is where you want it
  • The keyboard itself shows you letters in the right case (if you’re typing in lowercase the letters are shown in lower case)
  • It’s awesome predictive language system learns from what you type. If you use it regularly, it get scary good at predicting your language patters.

iOS’s Keyboard

OS’s pathetic excuse for a keyboard:

  • Only makes typing periods easy
  • Always shows letters in upper case making you look to the strikingly confusing shift key to tell what case you’ll be typing in

I don’t know how well their predictive system will work, but I don’t care.

Installing SwiftKey

Download “SwiftKey Keyboard” not “Swiftkey Note.”

I made the mistake of downloading SwiftKey Note... It was a bit confusing
I made the mistake of downloading SwiftKey Note… It was a bit confusing

Then follow these instructions (which are also included in the App’s installation process):

Your thoughts?

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