Thankful for @FAKEGRIMLOCK & Getting Sick

2013 nearly killed me; literally (using the literal definition of “literally”).

The short version is that in May 2013, I contracted a foodborne illness that put me in the hospital, and some complications made it very difficult to work for quite a few months afterwards. I was in bad shape.

The first half of the year my company earned record profits. I made more money in five months than I made in any two previous years combined. The second half of the year I could barely work.


In the middle of that low, I had a conversation with @FAKEGRIMLOCK, it was a conversation that I paid pretty heavily for via his Kickstarter. I wasn’t sure if it would be worth it, but his angry caveman-like, wisdom and humor-packed tweets had turned him into something of a Yoda for me… So I decided to back the guy and figured that maybe an hour of his time could shift my perspective.

The conversation that I had with him was brilliant and devastating.

I walked away from the conversation realizing:

  • My business wasn’t setup for longterm success.
  • The product-based startup ideas I was working on were doomed.
  • And I had no idea what to do about any of it.

I did my best to pick up the pieces, continuing to take-on clients, but I knew that my company was not going to be my future… Which is how I ended up at Phase2 (that’s a different story for a different post).

I’m on a different path now, and it’s wonderful.

I’m having a ton of fun because I am surrounded by people in all facets of my life who are exceptional.

I love what I do. I’m not working for myself anymore, but I’m working really hard to change the world.

A year ago I was lost, and quietly miserable because I got sick, and some anonymous guy from Twitter politely crushed my dreams in 60 minutes of conversation… And I couldn’t be more thankful that all of it happened.

I know not what comes next, but I’ll try to stay zen about it. Sometimes the stuff that seems good isn’t, and sometimes the clearly terrible things are exactly what you need. Just keep moving forward.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Your thoughts?

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