My name is David Spira, and I’m a geek (See what I mean by “geek“).

Created by Ken Liu


I am a Senior Experience Analyst for Phase2 Technology where I work with some awesome clients and amazing people.

I also have my own web-stuff making consultancy, AdMelora (one day I’ll make a better site). We make all manner of web-connected stuff, but on a considerably smaller scale than the work I do with Phase2.

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Some of my biases preferences:

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Operating System: OS X

Mobile: iPhone 5S

Gaming Console: Xbox 360, but I don’t have much time to play these days

Acoustic Guitar: Rainsong Concert Series (Kaylee)

Electric Guitar: Les Paul Studio (Vera), or Danelectro 1967 Hornet reissue (Saffron) usually played through a Roland Cube amp

Favorite Guitarists: Derek Trucks (Tedeschi Trucks Band & Allman Brothers), Gabriela Quintero (Rodrigo y Gabriela), David Gimour (Pink Floyd), Buddy Guy, and Russ Barenberg

Star Wars or Star Trek? I’ll go with Firefly & Battlestar, but Star Wars and Star Trek have a special place in my heart

Favorite Writer: Brian K. Vaughn

Favorite Screenwriter: Joss Whedon

Dessert Preference: MOAR CHOCOLATE!