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Off Topic Post

My pilgrimage to SXSW gave me a greater clarity on life than I’ve ever had before. My focus is razor sharp, and I’m doing the best thinking and work of my life. Mostly, I’m enjoying everything along the way.

Part of what got me here was sitting down and actually writing down what I need to do on a daily basis to be happy. I literally wrote these words on a post-it that I keep by my bed, and read every morning as a reminder. They’ve evolved a bit, and will change in the future, however I want to share them.

Life is short, and can end without notice

  • Don’t do it tomorrow – Execution is everything

  • Be better than you were yesterday

  • Leave the world slightly better than you found it everyday

  • Play more guitar

  • Exercise – You hate it but it makes you feel good

  • Be around people who inspire you every single day

    • Tell them how you feel

Enjoy the process & live without regrets

Some of them I struggle with, but this stuff isn’t supposed to be easy.

Best of The Geek Whisperer (3 Year Blogiversary)

I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for three years (999 posts)! To celebrate, I skimmed through my archive for the first time in three years, and it brought back a lot of memories.

Join me on a brief and mildly narcissistic trip through some of my favorite blogging memories:

  • Arguably my best post, at least from an academic perspective is Wonder Woman: The Super Secret & Kinky Origin of a Feminist Icon. Derived from a portion my undergraduate thesis, this post has been cited in a few academic papers, and according to my web analytics has been frequently referenced on some BDSM discussion boards. I am after-all here to educate and entertain.
  • My most popular single day post dates back to April Fool’s Day 2010. I collaborated with a mystery designer to introduce the world to the iProbe; it’s still my favorite post.
  • In one of TGW’s stranger episodes, guitar legend Peter Frampton stopped by to comment on a post after I berated him for a very disrespectful performance at The Stone Pony.
  • When I first started The Geek Whisperer, I wanted to define the difference between geeks & nerds… But I found the task painfully difficult and subsequently spent two and a half years pondering the question before I wrote Geek vs. Nerd vs. Dork.
  • And last but not least, I was (and still am) cited in a Wikipedia article on Firefly/ Serenity; my favorite scifi universe.

Never forget to practice safe computing.

Evolving as a Blogger

I’m staring down the barrel of my 1000th post (this is 997), and the three-year blogiversary of The Geek Whisperer (10/4/11), and I’ve been feeling creatively paralyzed. Hitting one thousand posts within three years while earning a masters degree; maintaining full-time employment; starting a business; and having a fulfilling social life is a serious source of pride. I started blogging simply to understand it for professional reasons, and unintentionally found myself on a very geeky journey of self-discovery.

When I started The Geek Whisperer someone close to me asked, “How are you possibly going to have enough to say to make this last more than a few weeks?” The truth is that even if I wrote all day, every day I’m not sure I’d ever run out of cool things to talk about; we live in very interesting times. This blog is about sharing my passions and interests, and I’ve never had a shortage of either. This is both a blessing and a curse.

It’s wonderful because I can’t remember the last time I was bored.

It’s painful because I will never learn all that I want to learn, or accomplish everything that I hope to accomplish.

What’s a geek to do?

The simple answer is evolve. I will not abandon this blog. I love writing it far too much to stop. Even if everyone stopped reading, I’d still keep writing.

The bigger question is how will I evolve?

I’ve got a lot of things in the works that I’m incredibly excited about, and will reveal over time. To pursue those passions, I need to post less. However my intent is to post high quality content when I do. The short, “check this out” posts that filled the gaps between substantial thought are going away because people don’t seem to read them very often.

Thank you for reading

As I’ve said many times before, I appreciate everyone who takes the time to read.

Thank you for sharing my links; buying from the Shop; commenting; and taking the time out of your day to read. I know there are a lot of other great websites out there and I’m thankful for every person who feels that mine is worth their time.

Thank you for your continued support. Here’s to the next three years.