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The Truth About Transformers

When I was a kid my parents watched a lot of cartoons with me, but there were some shows that drove them out of the room. One of those cartoons was Transformers. I was an observant kid, and I noticed the correlation. I always wondered why, and found my answer in college.

My college roommate was (and probably still is) a huge Transformers fan. He read the comics, had the toys (the Unicron figure was so damn big I wanted to charge it rent), and watched that cartoon a whole lot.


One of the many things I learned in college was that the Transformers are fucking stupid.

The animation is crap, the dialog is shit, and I’ve seen porn with a more compelling plot.

I’ll admit Peter Cullen owns Optimus Prime, but that’s where my praise of Transformers media ends.

Transformer toys are great. When you’re a kid there’s nothing cooler than a robot and a truck/ airplane in one. I got more mileage out of the few Transformer toys my parents gave me than just about anything else in my toy-chest.

In this instance, great toys don’t translate into great media.

Convince me that I’m wrong… Or just let your fanboy rage loose on my comment section.


US Supreme Court Slays Video Game Violence Law

In a 7 – 2 decision the United States Supreme Court ruled the California Video Game Violence law unconstitutional.

The decisive decision means that governments cannot restrict the sale of violent video games to minors. It also confirms in the eyes of the law that video games are a form of expression, and thus protected by the First Amendment.

This ruling doesn’t mean that stores can’t choose to restrict the sale of violent games to children… Not that any sensible parent would put their child’s development in the hands of the asshole behind the counter at Gamestop.

This is a huge victory for defenders of the First Amendment. I’m hoping that it stops recurring censorship bullshit (comic books in the 50’s, music in the 80’s, music in the 90’s, and video games in the 00’s), but I’m pretty sure that this is just a setback for the evil bastards who like to legislatively meddle with others’.

Nevertheless, tonight I’m celebrating the victory.

Techdirt has a great breakdown of the decision, as well as the full text of said decision.