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Dream Theater’s New Drummer – Mike Mangini

Dream Theater finally announced their new drummer, and I’m thrilled that it’s Mike Mangini. Mangini plays with fire, soul and technical skill in a way that few can.

If Mike Portnoy had to leave, I’m happy Mangini is is successor.

Mangini has a ton of videos on YouTube that show his drum smashing insanity, but this Discovery Channel bit does the best job of demoing the man’s range and skill… Plus it’s got some geeky information on the physics and biology of drumming.

I can’t wait to hear Dream Theater’s new album, Mangini’s presence should really change up the dynamic in a positive way.

Bobby McFerrin, Neuroscience & the Pentatonic Scale

Bobby McFerrin is a talented jazz musician who has recorded and performed with artists such as Chick Corea & Bela Fleck… Sadly he’s pretty much just known for the song Don’t Worry Be Happy.

In this nifty video McFerrin trains the audience, and turns them into a giant musical instrument over the course of about three minutes. And he does it without giving a single verbal instruction.

McFerrin has performed this same musical experiment all over the world, and there are plenty of YouTube videos to prove it. It seems that the pentatonic scale is culturally universal, and intuitively understood by humans the world-over.

Musicians like the pentatonic scale because it’s impossible to play an incorrect note with it.

If this interests you, Intellectual Pornography has a more extensive analysis.

The Next Big Thing: Self-Hacking

Geeks are perpetually in search of the next big thing.

Adriana Lukas is one of the people who is always hot on the heals of the next big thing, so when she speaks, I listen. I’ve had many conversations with her about the quantified self, or self-hacking but I cannot convey it the way she does. So I’m delighted that Christian Payne recorded a short interview with her at SxSW and posted it.

Self Hacking with Adriana Lukas

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