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Stream Rodrigo y Gabriela’s “9 Dead Alive”

My favorite guitar duo is back with a new album and tour.

While their album isn’t available for purchase until April 29, NPR is streaming it now.

Give em a listen. It is damn good, and very reminiscent of their early recordings.

Rodrigo y Gabriela

I have tickets to see RodGab at the Beacon Theater in NYC next week. If you have a chance grab tickets, I suggest you do so. Their New York City shows are always special.


“Breaking Bad” 16-Bit Edition

Last month some people who I thought were my friends peer pressured me into “trying” Breaking Bad. Breaking Bad is an AMC series about a highly overqualified high school chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with lung cancer. With the help of a former screwup student begins cooking the worlds highest quality crystal meth in order to pay for his treatment and leave some money for his family. Insanity and amazing storytelling ensue. The show is ridiculously addictive. Next thing I knew I was nursing a three episode a night binge habit.

Just watch the damn show. You won’t regret it.

Moving on… College Humor created a 16-bit version of Breaking Bad. It comes complete with a badass 16-bit rendition of Rodrigo y Gabriela’s masterpiece Tamacun. Don’t watch this unless you’ve watched the show already… Bitch.

16-Bit Breaking Bad

Rodrigo y Gabriela’s first album with Tamacun and 8 other magnificent songs (CD) (Download)

Arm Cannon = Metal + Classic Gaming

Instrumental music (acoustic or electric) is my personal preference for work time for all of the reasons your would assume. I’ve been working a ton lately, so I’ve been listening to a lot of instrumental artists ranging from Bela Fleck, to Rodrigo y Gabriela & Jake Shimabukuro. On the geekier side, I’ve also discovered an awesome band called Arm Cannon.

Arm Cannon takes their name from Mega Man’s primary weapon, they combine metal and classic 8 & 16 bit music in creative and fun ways. There’re a lot of bands out there that do this, but Arm Cannon is my new favorite.

If you like that, consider checking out two albums; they’ve got a lot of great music.

In other news, I was off the blogging wagon for a while, but I’m back on.

Rodrigo y Gabriela, “Live in France” Review

Insane guitar duo, and my favorite band Rodrigo y Gabriela (RyG) have released a new live album called Live in France.

It basically captures their latest tour, and most of their second studio album 11:11 (minus Atman, Logos & Master Maqui).

The good

RyG are the only band I know of where I at the very least like every song they have released. I absolutely love their music, and Live in France is no exception.

Five songs stand-out:

Hanuman (dedicated to Carlos Santana) – This rocking first track will get your blood flowing

Gabriela’s Solo – Gabriela is easily one of the most incredible guitarists playing today. Her approach to playing rhythm guitar while filling in percussion blows me away even after years of watching her play. Most guitarists, I can watch and feel confident that if I practice my ass off, one day I could play like that… I have never once felt I could, or ever will be able to reproduce a single bar of her work. Ever. Needless to say, her solo is spectacular.

11:11 (dedicated to Pink Floyd) – Spacey and beautiful, whenever I listen to this song I find myself wishing it would last for 20 or 30 minutes.

Rodrigo’s Solo – The dude can shred, and this solo rocks. Most shredders play on electric guitars with a ton of distortion, Rodrigo does it on an acoustic guitar without distortion. If you don’t play guitar, let me assure you, what he does is incredibly difficult.

Tamacun – My favorite track on the album, Tamacun is a party in song form.

The not-so-good

This may sound ridiculous, but I’m upset that there isn’t more on this album.

I saw RyG on this tour at Radio City Music Hall, and two of the standout performances for me were Atman performed with Alex Skolnick, and Orion performed with Metallica’s Rob Trujillo. I desperately wanted recordings of those performances on this album, and I’m very disappointed by their absence.

To be blunt, as great as Live in France is, the show they put on in New York was better.

The bottom-line

This album is so good that my only complaint is that it isn’t longer. RyG manage to create difficult and unique music that is also very intense and beautiful. It’s a rare feat.

Regardless of your musical tastes, I think you will find something to love on this record.

Buy Live in France:

CDDownload (Amazon)Download (iTunes)